AI Model “Krutrim”

Ola Unveils AI Model “Krutrim” for India’s AI Needs

There is no doubt that AI has surpassed everything in context to technology and advanced development. Yet its effectiveness in the context of Indian languages has often fallen down. India’s rich diversity and cultural complexity have created significant challenges to AI models providing exact answers a user requires. AI language models like chatgpt struggle to respond clearly and accurately. In a recent development to technology, the most used Indian ride hailing giant Ola unveils AI model “Krutrim” specifically designed to conquer the complexities of the Indian local market. Offering promising and valid solutions to answers to the unique language demands of India. 

New AI Model Krutrim for Indian Local Market:

Bhavesh Aggarwal, Ola’s CEO has recently launched Krutrim AI multi-language model for Indian local market. Why Krutrim? When do we already have advanced AI models? Well, according to Bhavesh Aggarwal, AI models like chatGPT and other AI models fail to solve the complexity of the Indian languages. However, Krutrim is built differently, it can understand and respond in not just English but also 10 different Indian languages, including Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu. It’s an achievement for Indian markets. 

Aggarwal highlighted how AI language models like chatGPT and Bard often struggle with the complexities and barriers of Indian languages and culture. Krutrim, on the other hand, has been built differently for Desi users, trained on a massive dataset of 2 trillion tokens from local sources. 

Krutrim Comes in Two Versions: One for Everyone, One for Business

AI Model “Krutrim”

Krutrim comes in two versions: the base model and the Pro version. The base Krutrim understands 22 Indian languages and can respond in 10, beating giants like GPT-4 and Llama in Indian-language tests. It even takes voice commands and replies back, just like the latest Chatbots. Krutrim Pro, the powerhouse for businesses, arrives next quarter, promising advanced multi-modal capabilities. Well this sounds impressive! 

India-First AI, Budget-Friendly Access

According to Mr. Bhavesh Aggarwal, India deserves AI models that understand Indians’ language unique needs and its complexity. Developed with an India-first approach, it’s not only culturally relevant but also budget-friendly. Starting next month, individuals can sign up for the basic chatbot on the Krutrim website. In February 2024, Ola will release Krutrim APIs, letting companies and developers integrate this Desi AI magic into their products. 

Krutrim is more than just an AI model, it’s a desi technology for Indians that will help Indian local market and people to grab and understand their queries in a better way. It’s a revolution that promises to make AI accessible and meaningful for everyone in India. 

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