Google to Cut 30,000 Jobs Due Advancement in AI Technology

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged like a tech giant that can surpass technology with creating new technology. Recently, an official report claimed that Google is planning to resurface its strong ad sales service due to new innovative AI solutions. This decision is crucial but necessary as resurfacing organization could help new minds to innovate more specifically and impressively. Earlier this year Google already cut off its 12,000 employees due to the company’s performance and ratings system. 

How AI is Impacting the Reduction of Ad Sales Jobs? 

Some official reports suggest that jobs in the ad sales unit in Google that helps promote ads and make it more creative for customers could be easily done by emerging AI tools. Artificial intelligence tools can help in automatically generating creative ads that perform nicely for customers and even come with better ideas than humans. These AI based tools not only create creative content for ads but also help Google to manage its ranking with little attention from the employees. 

AI impacts on ad sales jobs in Google is through programmatic advertising the method by which automated buying and selling of ad space via algorithms. All this programmatic advertising doesn’t require negotiations and sales processes. This tool works on ad placements on user data and targeting parameters that don’t require people to focus. 

Although, it doesn’t completely eliminate people and doesn’t make them jobless. 

The reports of resurfacing of the ad unit was officially declared internally by Google’s president Sean Downey, Americas and Global Partners in a meeting held last week of November. However, they have not said anything about the entire layoffs of the employees. Meanwhile, AI doesn’t eliminate the human mind entirely and never will. 

Sundar Pichai Discusses the Decision to Lay Off 12,000 Workers

Earlier this year in January, CEO of Google Sundar Pichai spoke on the issue of layoff of the employees. According to him, it is necessary for us to resurface our unit due to economical terms. His words express how difficult it is to manage a business while caring where people are involved in a massive ratio. He believed that not taking any actions would have hurt Google’s ability to adjust and invest in important areas. Due to major economic challenges companies like Amazon and Microsoft have also laid off employees. 

However, it does affect people, their families and communities and letting employees go has a big emotional impact on them. Pichai’s words show the struggle between a company’s survival and the well-being of its employees. Dealing with this requires more than just thinking about money. Being open, talking early, and supporting laid-off workers are important to ease the pain of such decisions. Google’s layoffs remind us that even big tech companies face money problems. But it’s also a chance for the industry to rethink what matters most. As AI becomes more advanced with technology more new layoff news will pop up on your screens. 

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