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Explore Ask QX (Bharat ka AI) & How to Use It Effectively?

In the digital communication world, staying connected has never been too easy. Nowadays, QX Lab AI has officially launched a new groundbreaking platform known as Ask QX (Bharat ka AI). This hybrid generative AI platform is designed to set the various AI models created by offering a wide range of industries like healthcare, design, entertainment, etc. We all are aware of the fact that the company is trying to compete with the previous famous AI-generated tools,i.e., ChatGPT and Google’s Bard. This innovative platform is designed to change the way we ask questions and seek information. 

So, if you are eager to get to know about Ask QX, its features, pricing plans, and how to use it effectively for a seamless and efficient experience, then you are at the right place. 

What is Ask QX?

Ask QX, defined as a node-based hybrid generative AI platform, officially launched by QX lab AI. This new AI tool has been available in approximately 100+ languages including 12 Indian languages. It is also a multilingual, powerful, and versatile tool that already has a user base of 8 million people. This platform is available in both free and paid versions, only applicable for Android users and this feature will soon be added in the iOS in the upcoming months.


Its neural network architecture, also known as artificial neural networks, is a subset of machine learning. Thus, it provides various node layers to ensure the data sent is within the threshold limit and improves the accuracy of the output as well as increases output creation speed. This platform is available in various Indian languages such as Punjabi, Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, Urdu, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Odia, and Assamese. 

How does Ask QX Work?

As we all know, Ask QX is a cutting-edge platform that connects inquiring minds with the knowledge they seek quickly and easily. It uses various algorithms to give accurate data. Thus, it works as:

  • Ask Specific and Clear Questions: Ask QX’s simplicity is its greatest asset. Users may ask precise queries straightforwardly, rather than putting in keywords and sorting through a million results. The platform then makes use of advanced algorithms to determine the question’s purpose and obtain accurate and effective data.


  • The Magic of Natural Language Processing: Modern natural language processing (NLP) methods are used by Ask QX to comprehend the uses of various languages. This implies that you may still get precise and customized responses even when you ask questions in a conversational style, much as you would with a buddy.


  • Real-time Updates: Ask QX to understand that knowledge is dynamic. You will always get the most recent and effective information because the platform is built to deliver real-time updates. Ask QX to keep you informed whether you’re investigating a timeless subject or a current occurrence.

Features of Ask QX

Here’s a curated list of features of Ask QX that facilitate quick and effective communication:-

  • Multilingual Capabilities- The major feature of Ask QX is it has the ability to communicate in 100+ languages including 12 Indian languages like Hindi, Punjabi, Telugu, etc. which makes it a powerful tool across the world. 
  • Innovative Neural Networks- Ask QX tool was mainly built on the sophisticated neural network with which it delivers fast, accurate, and valid information to get the best response.
  • Easy to use- Ask QX has an intuitive interface that makes it suitable for anyone with varying levels of technology experience. The simple navigation and clean design provide a hassle-free experience for approximately 8 million users.
  • Accessible platform- Ask QX tries to prefer information in text and audio formats. Alternatively, this platform is also used to introduce some interactive features like images and videos in the first quarter of 2024.
  • Diverse Functionalities- This tool fulfills all your needs whether it is for personal usage, data analysis, content creation, coding, designing, learning, etc.
  • 3-Modes- Ask QX tool is available in 3 modes, i.e., standard, professional, and enterprise to generate truly helpful, accurate, and effective information. 
  • Launch and usage- The official launch of this effective tool took place only for Android now and soon in the coming months a launch for iOS users will also follow.
  • Privacy and Security- Ask QX places a high priority on its consumers’ privacy and security. Strict precautions are taken to protect private data and provide a safe internet experience. 

How to use Ask QX effectively?

Let’s discuss how to utilize Ask QX effectively to set out on an exciting journey. Discover how to use the community and the platform’s simple interface to get knowledgeable responses to your queries. To use it effectively, we have the following options:


  • Make an Account: You must first establish a user account to utilize Ask QX. Usually, this involves creating a username, choosing a password, and supplying a working email address. The registration procedure is simple and quick.
Ask QX

Sign up and login interface for Ask QX.

  • Configuring a profile: After registering, spend some time customizing your profile. Having a profile photo and a short bio can help people find you more credible and simpler to interact with. To encourage inquiries that are pertinent, think about indicating your areas of interest or experience.


  • Investigate Subjects: After creating your profile, explore the wide range of subjects offered on Ask QX. Any topic of interest, be it science, technology, the arts, or anything else, is likely to have a community talking about it. Searching through themes enables you to find relevant queries and others who share your interests.
Chat interface for Ask QX


  • Ask Questions: The skill of questioning is at the core of Ask QX. Write your questions carefully, with enough background information to guarantee accurate and lucid responses. Whether you are looking for guidance, explanations, or new perspectives, properly posting your query raises the possibility of getting insightful answers.


  • Have Conversations: Participate in conversations by doing more than just asking questions. Contribute your information, viewpoints, and experiences to the body of communal understanding. Talking with others creates a feeling of community and can result in productive partnerships.


  • Express gratitude: Don’t forget to thank someone who answers your query in a useful manner. Saying “thank you” sincerely helps maintain great relationships and motivate people to participate.


  • Follow Interesting Users: Choose users whose comments speak to you or who frequently offer insightful commentary. By following these individuals, you can make sure that their activity shows up in your feed and that you are informed about major topics and debates.


  • Continue to Receive Notifications: Think about turning on alerts if you want to be informed in real-time. This guarantees that you stay informed about any fresh answers to your queries or fascinating conversations taking place in your areas of interest.


  • Report Unsuitable Content: Maintaining a courteous and upbeat community is essential. Report content that you discover to be against community rules as soon as possible. This contributes to the Ask QX platform’s continued integrity and excellence.

Future for Ask QX

We all know that the multilingual capabilities of this platform provide diverse features for users including neural-based services like text-to-image, text-to-code, and text-to-video, for B2C, and B2B with some special use cases in different sectors like healthcare, education, and legal services among others. This kind of infrastructure not only reduces power costs but at the same time, additionally, it strengthens platform security by creating a barrier against potential information. Its main goal is to have a user base of 100 million people.

Different Models of Ask QX

While discussing about Ask QX which is a multilingual hybrid AI tool that is available for millions of users, has various kinds of models along with their pricing:-


  • Ask QX (Free)– Ask QX model supports 100+ languages including 12 Indian languages like Hindi, Bengali, etc. It is available in a free version while getting complete data security at no cost at all, including safe end-to-end encryption for all of your chat interactions.


  • Ask QX Plus– You may use Ask QX for just $1 per month, a platform offering faster response times with some exclusive beta features like plugins, code interpreter, and browse capabilities. This subscription not only provides you with enhanced speed in receiving answers but also grants you early access to innovative tools and functions that are still in the testing phase. With your membership, you’re not only investing in prompt assistance but also in the opportunity to explore cutting-edge features before they’re widely available to the public.
Subscription plan for Ask QX


  • Ask QX Enterprise– With Ask QX, you will get everything with its ability to integrate it with your current software systems through APIs. It also provides customization services to cater to the platform of your unique domains. Thus, the company’s security is your first priority and all of your chat conversations are safe. 

Applications for Different Industries

Ask QX has the power to find the applications across diverse sectors by allowing the companies to use the AI tool in a very simple and efficient manner:-

  1. Healthcare- Ask QX facilitates secure and effective communication between patients and healthcare providers, improving patient care in the healthcare industry. Inquiries from patients may be promptly answered by doctors, who can also set up appointments and give crucial information about drugs or treatments. In turn, patients benefit from easy access to medical updates and guidance, which enhances patient satisfaction and results.


  1. Design- Ask QX makes it easier for team members and clients to collaborate in the design profession, enabling smooth communication all the way through the design process. In order to make sure that projects move forward smoothly and live up to customer expectations, designers may readily discuss concepts, get feedback, and make changes in real-time. Ask QX may be customized to meet the unique requirements and preferences of design businesses, which boosts efficiency and creativity.


  1. Learning- Ask QX is a useful resource for educators of all lines, benefiting both instructors and learners. In virtual classrooms, teachers may interact with students, respond to inquiries, and offer extra materials to aid in learning. Students may work together on group projects, ask questions about the course content, and get individual advice from their teachers. Ask QX promotes a dynamic learning environment that helps students succeed academically by promoting interactive learning experiences.


  1. Entertainment- Ask QX improves audience participation and interaction during live events, performances, or web broadcasts in the entertainment sector. By asking questions, responding to comments, and interacting with viewers in real-time, content providers may make their work more interactive and engaging. Ask QX assists with virtual concerts, gaming livestreams, and celebrity Q&A sessions.


QX Lab AI’s Ask QX platform represents a significant leap forward in the world of AI, offering. We conclude that the Ask QX tool was officially launched by QX Lab AI, offering a node-based hybrid generative AI solution that is a powerful, versatile, and easy to use tool. Combining all its multilingual capabilities of generative AI including 12 Indian languages such as Hindi, Bengali, Punjabi, etc. makes it a valuable asset for individuals and businesses globally. As AI is developing day by day, platforms like Ask QX improve the way for a more connected and integrated global community. It promises a future where language is no longer a constraint for innovation and progress.

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