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How to Fix ‘Conversation not Found’ Messages in ChatGPT?

In the realms of the artificial intelligence and natural language processing system ChatGPT ranks first in the list due to its ability to engage in coherent and contextually relevant conversations with users across a multitude of topics. Whether answering about personal issues, assisting with difficult tasks, asking for creative suggestions, needing help in dissertation writing, etc. ChatGPT has become one of the most widely known resources. It has the potential to reshape the landscape of technology and provide suggestions to people in the upcoming future. 

ChatGPT being known for its versatile tasks among the audience for generating resourceful content, people often encounter messages like: “conversation not found” 


 “An error occurred. Either the engine you requested does not exist or there was another issue processing your request. If this issue persists please contact us through our help center at 

If you have encountered one of these messages, then it doesn’t mean you won’t get an answer. It’s an artificial intelligence system that works under various language algorithms. If it fails to provide you with a conversation to your prompts, no need to worry at all. We have provided suitable guidance in analyzing these issues like ‘conversation not found’ messages.

Way to fix Conversation not Found ‘Messages in ChatGPT’


To fix the message like ‘conversation not found’ in ChatGPT you may need to follow certain steps to fix it properly: The “Conversation Not Found” error typically occurs when ChatGPT fails to recognize or maintain the context of the conversation. This can happen for several reasons, and it’s essential to pinpoint the root cause to resolve it effectively.

  • Rewrite your prompt/query: if you require to make things possible and sound more valid, adjust your prompt one more time in order to fix it. Make sure your prompt contains enough context and information for ChatGPT to understand the conversation’s flow. Be specific and concise in your queries.
  • Check Formatting: Review your prompt for any formatting errors or typos that may confuse the model. Keep the formatting simple and consistent.
  • Maintain Topic Consistency: Try to maintain a consistent topic during the conversation to help ChatGPT follow along. If you need to change the subject, provide some context to ease the transition.
  • Reset the Session: If the error occurs due to a session timeout, you can start a new conversation session with ChatGPT. This will clear any previous context and allow you to continue the conversation. 
  • Disable browser extensions and add-ons: one of the major causes of ‘conversation not found’ messages could be due to disable browser extension. Either you can add-ons new browser extension or you can switch to another browser to fix it properly and work efficiently. 
  • Internet Connection: one of the major reasons for not getting response is slow internet connection and no internet service. However, sometimes a frequent wi-fi disable could also be the cause of not generating prompts. Make sure you have a proper and high speed internet connection system. 
  • Write Short Prompts: Lengthier sentences could lead to glitches for chatGPT in generating answers for you. This could be sound as a rule but provide a short and easy way of writing to GPT which is concise and complete as well. 
  • Use VPN: while something people experience glitch due to VPN issues. If you’re unable to get your response or received a message like ‘conversation not found’ set your accurate VPN immediately. Additionally, there are certain VPN’s available and among these two are highly recommended NordVPN and ExpressVPN. Make sure to use the location where the VPN service of ChatGPT is available, otherwise you may still encounter a glitch or error. 
  • ChatGPT Support System: if you’re still encountering issues of ‘conversation not found’ after working upon all the steps mentioned above. Contact the ChatGPT support office directly mentioned in the app as well. They’ll surely respond and help you to fix this issue.

Note: Sometimes ChatGPT is unable to respond to your message because of the vulgar language you use for the prompts. Impolite language may violate GPT content policy. They will ask you to submit a feedback report immediately in order to work upon that particular area. 


Q1: Why does ChatGPT say “conversation not found’’? 

This error occurs when ChatGPT has trouble understanding or maintaining the conversation’s context, often due to unclear prompts, formatting issues, or session timeouts.

Q2: How can I prevent the “Conversation Not Found” error?

To prevent these issues you can fix it by: 

 Using clear and concise prompts.
 Avoiding abrupt topic changes.
 Checking for query formatting errors.
 Resetting the conversation for session timeouts.

Q3: What should I do if I encounter the error?

Start a new conversation to reset context after a session timeout. Ensure clear and well-structured prompts. And most importantly check your internet connection. 
The “Conversation Not Found” error in ChatGPT can be frustrating, but with a better understanding of its causes and the right troubleshooting steps we have mentioned in this article, you can overcome this issue and enjoy smoother interactions with the model. By following the tips mentioned above, you can enhance your experience and make the most of Chat GPT’s capabilities.

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