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From Bing to Bard: Exploring AI Chatbots Similar to ChatGPT

Artificial intelligence (AI) has no doubt that it has changed the landscape of every single field and work life of an individual. With the emergence of these human-like thinkable tools, life has become more easy, simple, and unique in its own way. However, we all are familiar with chatbots like ChatGPT introduced by OpenAI. It has impressively gained popularity due to its working style and providing appropriate human-like text content within minutes. Delve into this article to know about some unique chatbots just similar like GPT but they have their own uniqueness. 


Microsoft Bing: officially developed by Microsoft, also known as Copilot is a large language model (LLM). It is integrated into bing search and aims to be your “research assistant” where users can search anything related to their queries. Unlike GPT, which is a more generic AI, Bing AI is deeply tied to bing search. It’s tightly integrated with Microsoft tools like Bing and Edge to offer a perfect experience within the Microsoft system. 


Google BardAI: Developed by Google, Bard is a large language model that provides human-like text within minutes for users. BardAI is powered by the latest PaLM 2 LLM that helps users to provide even the latest conversation. Its advanced version allows users to scan photos and analyse them with deep machine learning. Unlike ChatGPT, BardAI is more advanced and has special features in it for user experience. 


Chatsonic: This advanced human-like text AI generator is also the large language model (LLM). This AI chatbot works on an integrated Google search engine that offers users the latest knowledge integrated in the websites. It has special features like voice input that means users can interact with Chatsonic via voice commands for a more natural experience. Chatsonic free plan allows people to generate up to 2500 words for free. 


Claude 2: This one is quite interesting, developed by Anthropic, Claude 2 is a large language model (LLM). Known for its focus on safety and alignment. Trained on a “constitution” designed to avoid harmful outputs, Claude aims to be more ethical and unbiased than the other models. Unlike GPT, it can maintain context over longer conversations, making the interactions more natural and sounds human-like. 


Perplexity AI: This new AI chatbot is similar to Bing, mainly focusing on search engine functionality and information retrieval. This one is regarded as one of the powerful AI tools. Differently designed Perplexity AI tool analyses your query in a deeper way and provides context for relevant results, even more complex questions. The tool has a diverse source integration as it includes information related to academic papers, youtube videos, reddit, and more, not just websites. 


With the rapid fast technology, emergence of new chatbots are common, but what is unique is that is their way of working. Uniquely built, these AI based Chatbots are impressive and have the potential to change the upcoming years with their usage. Additionally, these AI chatbots are far more simple, advanced, and efficient for day to day tasks. 

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