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ChatGPT Creator OpenAI Debuts “Sora”: AI Generates Videos Instantly from Text

After the huge success of ChatGPT, its parent company OpenAI has now come with its new innovation, Sora, the AI Video Generator. The company aims to revolutionize the creation of short videos using this video creating tool. The newly launched Sora can redefine visual storytelling as per Microsoft’s generative artificial intelligence creator Open AI. 

Open AI’s Sora can generate videos using text inputs and can produce complex scenes with different characters. It can use particular motion types, backgrounds and specific subject details to create the user’s desired videos. Its technology can even bring still images to life through animation. Tech Giants like Meta and Google had created similar tools that generate videos with text inputs. However, they do not match Sora’s video making qualities.

When Open AI announced about Sora, a social media enthusiast replied to Open AI CEO Sam Altman saying, “Sam please don’t make me homeless”, he further said, “will generate you a video, what would you like?” and suggested, “Hmmm, a monkey playing chess in a park”. Soon after, Altman shared a video created on Sora on the X platform. The video was a superior quality AI generation. 

Sora is unavailable for public use and the company has provided limited information about the AI tool. Open AI has provided the tool’s access to red teaming to detect the AI system’s setbacks. The generative AI company has also given the Sora’s access to creative designers, visual artists and filmmakers so they can use it and provide necessary feedback about the AI tool. 

However, just like any other technology, Sora AI Video generator also comes with some imperfections. As per OpenAI, Sora might have spatial confusion of a prompt and occasional lapses in visual continuity. 

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