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5 Best AI Voice Generator for Text-to-Speech Excellence

Imagine a world where you can easily develop real-human like voice for your day to day tasks. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as the best tool for people who want to do their task effectively and with time management. Whether you are looking for a text, image, or voiceover. Everything is possible with today’s highly technological advancement tool AI. Youtubers, podcast people really struggling to face issues of cringe voice and sometimes their background noise make things worse for them. 

However, after AI voice generators have come it has immensely become popular among the audience as these tools not only help them with daily tasks but also it helps them to enhance their productivity without any inconvenience. With just a suitable internet connection one can easily use these tools. 

Top 5 Human like AI voice generators

We are covering the top 5 AI voice generators that are definitely perfect and suitable for you. From easy to use to affordable, all these AI voice generators will create miracles in your life. 

1  Synthesia:


In our list, Synthesia ranks the very first position in the list. This AI video voiceover generator is built to provide text to speech functions. With over 400 different male and female voices with all age groups are available in this. With over 120+ languages that is a plus point for the users. 

Here users can get a voice based voiceover with a selection of an Avatar after logging in. What is so exciting is that it automatically detects the language of your script, users may need not to take tension of language specifications. 

Things to keep in mind: 

  • Synthesia is best among the AI video based voice generators but it takes time to match your selected avatar. 
  • Obviously, the main disadvantage is that it is unable to pronounce certain words that are different and difficult to speak. 
  • It does not offer free plans for small businesses and personal users. It starts from $29/months for a small 10 minute audio based video. 
  • Synthesia 140+ AI avatars options that will definitely enhance your video quality as well along with audio.
  • It’s a full pack of entertainment, offers background music options with additional option of inserting text or objects in the video. 

2 Murf AI:

Murf AI

In a world where voice generators are still struggling for their right speaking methodology, Murf AI surpasses it with highly recommended human-like voice generators. This voiceover AI tool has become a first choice for the audience for their daily based tasks. From Text to speech this Murf AI voice generators help users to upload voice recording and change the voice for edit. 

With 20+ language preferences along with different accent styles. This tool will definitely help you to generate the best human-like voice for your text. Different options like pitch variation options and language selections makes it more unique. 

Things to keep in mind: 

  • While it claims to provide the best human-like voice, simultaneously, it sometimes fails to respond properly. However, a few users have encountered that the voices apart from English do not support better quality. 
  • While it claims to be the best AI voice generator, users must go for the  expensive plans it offers. 
  • It has a free plan for 10 minute voice generation. Along with this, it has Enterprise plans for much better quality. While some people are unable to access the free version, we have mentioned a guide on how to download Murf AI for free for users that helps them to make it for them easily. 
  • Murf AI offers customization features that enable people to generate voice with specific features like changing speed, volume, tonality, and choice of emotions. 
  • Number of access to others, users can exchange the link with team members to approach more people at one time. 

3  Speechelo: 


If you’re looking for an AI voice generator that has capabilities to provide options to you for sales videos, educational topics, training videos, etc. Then you’re at the right place to avail this opportunity. 

Speechelo has a breathing pause option for longer time and gap between sentences and words. Also, you can easily add your words according to your preferences. With 24  languages and 30 accents you can choose three major options between Normal tone, Joyful tone, and Serious tone. 

Things to keep in mind: 

  • What is so exciting is that if you’re not satisfied with the services, they will return your money after 60 days from purchasing. 
  • There are no free plans for users. Also, the browser is a bit slow to make things possible for you and sometimes with slow internet connection you lose your generated voice. 
  • It supports 24 languages only which is quite disappointing for the users. However, it features more options of languages and accents if a person proceeds with pricing plans. 
  • Users can access more than 300 voices with 23 different languages with the Speechelo pro version which is paid one. 
  • With advanced versions users can avail the offer like background music and generate longer voiceovers in minutes. 

4  Listnr: 

listnr ai

Listnr is one of the widely used text to speech AI voice creators, it helps and allows you to easily convert your written text into a voice that you have chosen. Create your own happiness with the most trusted and creative voice generator Listnr. 

It offers 900 voices with different age groups with 140+ languages that depicts its wide range of usage. With a variety of options for pitch variations and tonality users can easily arrange their task with a one click. 

Things to keep in mind:

  • With a slow processor the browser doesn’t work properly and it lacks in providing the perfect sounds to your speech. 
  • It claims to provide you 900 voices but some are genuinely sound robotics and unable to give you the real human voice. 
  • Lag in few options and sometimes users are unable to make tasks possible for them. 
  • With a user-friendly interface, it offers features such as accent accessibility, change in pitch variations, and intonations. 
  • With voice adjustment options users can widely create longer content with short pitch and tonality that will provide a unique touch to your content while covering audio. 

5 Descript Overdub:

Descript Overdub

Last but not the least is the Descrip Overdub AI voice generator tool. This tool offers more than 12 voices in female and male that only supports English language. It offers a distinctive option of editing video with voice tools. 

The most unique feature of this tool is that users can easily take a demo of this tool on their website. Also, users can make their videos by using all the voices inbuilt in it. 

Things to keep in mind: 

  • The tool only enables the use of English language only. That is a disadvantage for users with a non-English background. 
  • This AI voice generator has a pricing plan for both video and audio creations. 
  • The tool is still under maintenance and according to some users it is hard to handle and navigate or use this tool in comparison to others. 
  • While it is still under maintenance, the platform has still got a positive response from the review point of view is that it takes less time to convert text into audio and provide the audio at the earliest way possible. 
  • It offers options like collaboration, editing, recording and re-recording the audio. 


All these AI tools for voice generators are highly acclaimed by most of the users. Human-like AI voice generators have become a first choice for youtubers and podcasters. Whether you’re looking to start an English learning course or want to start a small business. All these tools are widely used by a major proportion of the people. They are easy, accessible, and quality based tools that makes them most stunning in the world of AI voice generators. Take a step and start your work from today! 

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